We are super excited to introduce to you the beautiful dolls that joined our family...

The IMB Accessories Brand Ambassadors are Unique and are already telling amazing stories through their jewelry.

First we want you to meet Lela!


in her own words...

"My name is Mariela Espinal but everyone knows me as Lela, so if you see me on the street don't even think of calling me Mariela! LOL!

Island girl, I'm 28 years old.  I have a bachelors in Hotel Administration.

I'm a wife and mom of a beautiful baby girl name Valentina. I'm a model and Youtuber and i use those platforms to reach people through beauty and fashion tips.  

I consider myself very creative; I love to play with clothes and accessories and make the best out of my outfits.  I don't have a defined style so versatility is my best friend when it comes to any item i wear. 

Something I always say is that it doesn't matter what you're wearing, you have to make the difference and bring your own essence, personality and lots of attitude!"

We love you Lela!

You can find her on IG as @lelaespinal


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